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Changing the Way We Eat: Making it Healthier

Routine is very comforting, such as following the same morning schedule or choosing the same style of clothing. Grocery shopping can also be routine by frequenting the same store or stores and buying the same items: bananas, yellow onions, boneless chicken breasts, and the same boring brand of bread. Deciding to take the step and change to eating healthier foods may appear to be an overwhelming task. There could also be concerns that changing to a healthier diet means eating foods that do not taste good and feeling hungry all of the time. I believe these concerns are based on a lot of wrong information about healthy eating. Also, taking the right approach will make it feel less overwhelming.

Here are some tips to help manage the change to healthier eating.

For some, change is an exciting new challenge. For others, change is a scary unknown best left for tomorrow. I am somewhere in the middle: I like the excitement of change, such as trying a new restaurant, but I also like the comfort of routine, such as parking in the same spot when shopping. Let’s make changes together so that we can have healthier days and nourishing ways!

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