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Time to Grow
Every area has its best time to grow a garden. Here in New Jersey it’s right now! If we composted our eligible “trash” over the last several months we have some great stuff to add to our soil. Finding out which fruits and vegetables, including varieties, grow best in our area will not only help set us up for success, but will have us working with nature rather than against nature. Whether we decide to use seeds or plants, growing a garden is good for us and good for our planet. Having our own garden allows us to pick only what we need that day, giving us the freshest and most nutritious food.

Here are some other things we might consider.

  • Visit the local extension program to find out what grows best in the area and what can be planted now and what can be planted later. Things like lettuce and kale grow better when it’s cooler; things like tomatoes and peppers grow better when it’s warmer.

  • Is the sun best in the front yard? Consider growing a garden here and then surround it with flowers, such as marigolds, which help deter animals.

  • How about growing a tree that bears fruit such as an apple, peach, pear, or fig tree?

  • By purchasing organic or heirloom seeds, we will be able to save the seeds from what we grow.
  • When watering is necessary, do it early in the morning before the sun has a chance to absorb the water.

  • Crush up egg shells and put them around the tomato plants. This might help prevent the tomatoes from getting black bottoms.

  • Let’s find out what others are growing so we can barter for things we are not growing.