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What's for Breakfast?
Our bodies are hungry for real food after a night’s sleep so we should not cheat ourselves by skipping breakfast. Not eating in the morning can slow our metabolism down and actually cause weight gain. Skipping this important meal can cause binge eating, especially of foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. Studies have shown that children and adults perform better if they have eaten breakfast.

Think you don’t have time for breakfast? Think again. Find ways to make it easier to have this important meal every morning.

- Can you prepare something the night before?

- Can you get up 15 to 20 minutes earlier?

- Can you bring breakfast to work?

- Can you come up with a healthy idea that fits into your time schedule?

Along with making the time to eat breakfast, the quality of the foods we choose is very important. We want to avoid reaching for that sugary donut or other refined white flour item. These foods will cause blood sugar to rise and give us a false sense of satisfaction. We are depriving our bodies the fuel necessary for the busy day ahead. Our cars will not function properly without the proper fuel and neither will we.

Let’s take a look at some breakfast ideas. Add nuts and/or berries to any of these choices.

Whole grain waffles or pancakes. If homemade these can be frozen and then popped into the toaster oven. Making these with sprouted whole grains is the healthiest.

- Eggs and sprouted whole grain toast.

- Whole grain hot or cold cereal.

- Sprouted whole grain toast with coconut oil or butter and a side of fruit.

Now let’s take a look at some less traditional breakfast ideas.

- Steamed broccoli or kale.

- Leftover homemade soup.

- Canned salmon or sardines with whole grain crackers or toast (of course sprouted is best).

- Brown or wild rice and vegetables.

- Fresh squeezed vegetable juice.

The two things to remember with breakfast:  don’t skip and don’t skimp. Don’t skip eating breakfast and don’t skimp on the quality. What do I eat for breakfast? When I don’t have eggs or oatmeal I have:

3 or 4 prunes,

- a bowl of wild blueberries, ground flax, ground ginger, and shredded coconut, mixed with raw honey, and

- one slice of sprouted whole grain toast with coconut oil.

This breakfast keeps me satisfied until lunch and helps me to have more healthy days and nourishing ways!