Healthy Days and Nourishing Ways

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The New Year
The beginning of a new year is a great time to take a look at what we are eating and start making some changes. It’s also a great time to make other lifestyle changes that will get us moving around more, reducing stressors, and having more fun. Having just moved back to NJ (Yeah!), I am looking forward to finding local resources for as many foods as possible including eggs, vegetables, berries, and apples. My husband and I will be purchasing bikes so that we can get back to traveling on two wheels more often and on four wheels less often.

What else can we do to keep us healthy for the New Year? Let’s take a look.

· Check out and and start enjoying some delicious local foods.
· Make this the time to drink more water and less other stuff.
· Tennis anyone? Badminton? Frisbee? How about walking on the beach, at the mall, or around the office building?
· It can be hard to resist purchasing those cheap vegetable/corn/canola oils but these are poor quality oils that can lead to expensive health problems. Try virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic sesame oil, or butter.
· How about making a pot of soup? Check out last December’s recipe (chicken soup) and this month’s recipe (lentil soup) to help get started.
· Add more raw foods (salads, berries, and honey) to the diet which are nourishing, supply enzymes, and because they aren’t cooked save energy.
· Read. Laugh. Play. Bike. Swim. Have fun!